1. Climbin bridges.

    Climbin bridges.

  2. Such a hoodrat.

    Such a hoodrat.

  3. "Who are you waving at?" "The morning." #goodmorning #autumn

    "Who are you waving at?" "The morning." #goodmorning #autumn

  4. unashamedlyfeminist:

    THE PARALLEL TEAM HAS LESS THAN 30 DAYS REMAINING TO REACH THEIR TARGET - if you were considering donating, now is the time to do so!

    Parallel is going to be a new, quarterly (one published every 3 months) women’s magazine that focuses on life through a feminist lens. Aimed at late teenage to young adult women, Parallel hopes to be a magazine that can introduce young women to the concept of feminism through the use of informative articles, which will work alongside references to modern pop culture i.e. music, films, fashion, and art.It will hope to subvert the format of modern celebrity-centric and fashion-oriented magazines in order to discuss relevant issues in modern society.

    Parallel will be liberating, and empowering. It will talk about activism and achievements. It will feature strong women who are really making a difference in this world. It will be intersectional in its content, discussing race, gender, sexuality, and disability. The key aim of Parallel is to initiate feminist discussion within mainstream society.

    With issue one containing:

    • an interview with riot grrrl Kate Nash
    • articles about intersectionality and representation
    • conversations with new, upcoming feminist artists
    • zine reviews
    • an interview with body-positive feminist Harnaam Kaur
    • submissions from our readers
    • craftivism tutorials plus a discussion with Hannah Hill of hanecdote
    • a round-up of the last quarter’s feminist news around the globe
    • music reviews
    • and much more!

    Please consider donating to our Kickstarter to help fund us. The donations will be going towards everything from print costs, putting up a website, trademarking the name, travel expenses… the list goes on. We really need your help to get this ball rolling, so even if you can’t donate, PLEASE help us out by sharing the Kickstarter link wherever you can! Reblog this post, share our work on Facebook, or tweet about us on Twitter!

    Other ways to get involved:


    Our first issue is open for submissions on the theme of “Liberation”, and we will accept anything from artwork to creative writing to articles to reviews.


    We are currently looking to talk to/feature/review the following people/groups/events:

    • Female bands/musicians and/or upcoming album releases/gigs
    • Female art collectives and/or upcoming exhibitions
    • Feminist activist collectives
    • Feminist community groups
    • Independent feminist films
    • Feminist zines


    If you have an event you’d either like us to review, or add to our events listing page, please send us an email.

    I am #unashamedlyfeminist because…

    To show your support to the magazine, send us photos or videos of yourself explaining why YOU are #unashamedly feminist. Your photo or video will be featured on our social media sites, including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

    Sponsor us or partner up with us:

    If you want to sponsor us or form a partnership, please send us an email!

    To get involved with any of the aforementioned subjects, please email us at parallelmageditor@gmail.com

  5. "I felt a tremendous distance between myself and everything real."
    Hunter S. Thompson (via rogerdabbit)

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Angela.19 years of age. Music would be my first love, my second being a steamy cup of tea. Full fledged feminist and proud. I'm in an all girl punk band called Dead Daisies.My repertoire of things I like goes as far as (but is not limited to) looking at art, being immersed in a good book, telling a hearty joke, feverishly writing poetry, noodling my fingers on the fret board of a guitar, pounding on drums, attending shows, bumpin' in my little blue spaceship car, and feasting my ears upon some catchy tunes. My heart and soul beats for my friends and family. I'm an extremely honest and giving human being. I pride myself on being genuine and love to invest my time into meeting new people.